We are privileged to re-introduce our complete value Grow-a-Frog tadpole kit...

the wonderful TADventure experience.

Over the years, our customers have asked us for an "all in one" kit.... a Grow-a-Frog Kit for tadpoles and froglets.... and to make it affordable.

TADventure Kits include the amazing Growafrog see thru tadpole, Stage One Tadpole Food, Fun & Fact Booklet, Stage Two Food (small size container) and Stage Two Food Serving Spoon, Habitat Soil PLUS Habitat with Eco Dome in your color choice of 'Gilly Green', 'Ribbit Red', 'Dew Blue'', 'Lillypad Pink', 'Pop'n Purple','Splash Black', 'White House', 'Hop'on Orange ', or 'Leap'in Lemon'......just $ 31.95


Of course, each Growafrog tadpole comes complete with our 4 way guarantee !

TADventures tadpole Kit Growafrog tadpole Kit Grow-a-frog Stage Two Food
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