White Frog
Rare!  Limited Supply!


Growafrog frogs are very beautiful!

Naturally a ‘green to brown olive color’ we are confident you will find your frog friend to be very lovable, interesting and SMART!

Growafrogs are extraordinary in many different ways.    Growafrogs are totally aquatic – so they may be easily observed in classroom.

You do NOT need to provide terrestrial and aquatic habitats for your Growafrog  (as is necessary for nearly all other frogs).

As you know, your Growafrog is NOT removed from natural frog populations!

Your Growafrog is bred here in our facilities in Florida.  You cannot find Growafrogs ‘in a pond near you.’

Now, remarkably – every once in a while in our breeding facility  we ‘stumble upon’ a white tadpole which morphs into a white frog!

Enjoy!    Your white will be the center of attention!

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 4 in

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White FrogWhite Frog – #1 rare ! 100% WOW !
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