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Metamorphosis !!! Kids L♥VE tadpoles !

Metamorphosis is an extraordinary convergence of science and magic.r

Every kid should be able to see a tadpole morph into a frog while they’re still a kid.

We did.

We will never frog-et it!

Growafrog® was founded circa 1979 and we have been providing see thru tadpoles for education for now 43 years.

Our company is firmly focused on facilitating a positive Natural History lesson in classroom without the ‘need’ to remove declining native tadpoles from the wild or to (needlessly) ‘sacrifice’ declining frog populations for dissection.

SEE THRU tadpoles provide an unparalleled ‘window to life’!

Biology is defined as the ‘Study of Life.’


All Grow a frogs are captive bred amphibians which morph quickly in just 21 days and satisfy core curriculum.

Enjoy the classroom experience.

Thank you for teaching the metamorphosis unit.

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