Morph’n deskHOP Castle
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Includes Back Leg tadpole and Front Arm tadpole!
Ye Noble Morphing deskHOP Castle Kit

Growafrog Kits bring nature into your own home!

We HIGHLY encourage EVERYONE to explore NATURE!

‘Field trips’ are wonderful experiences.

Having said that the study of biology in classroom is VERY IMPORTANT as it allows detailed observation.

Growafrog tadpoles are transparent!  In our (biased yet honest) opinion  –  students and teachers can LEARN from these unique amphibians without the (unrealistic) need to travel thousands of miles to observe what is easily visible at home or in classroom!

Morphing deskHOP Kit allows an OUTSTANDING opportunity to study metamorphosis and anatomy!

Is it possible for your Growafrogs to naturally morph into Frog Prince and Princesses?


Let us know, please.


Kit includes:
  • High quality deskHOP Habitat
  • SkyDome Cover
  • Habitat Soil
  • Hind limb tadpole
  • Front limb tadpole
  • Stage One tadpole Food
  • Stage Two Frog Food (small)
  • Serving Spoon




Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 4 in
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Gilly Green, Dew Blue, Ribbit Red, LillyPad Pink, Splash Black, Pop'n Purple, MyPrince Gold'n Silver, Hop'on Orange, Leap'in Lemon, WhiteHouse, Black/n White, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Gainesville

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deskhop morphin castleMorph’n DeskHOP Castle Kit
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