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No Limb Tadpole Tube Town


Live Tadpole

If you have ‘plenty of time and would like to ‘grow from the git-go’  –  this is your TUBE TOWN !

No limb tadpole TUBE  TOWNS  are sent with -NO FULL GROWN LEGS  (small limbs may be visible).

Please note: This relatively young tadpole stage can take  weeks longer than our normal 21 days till morph hind limb tadpole.

Having said that, if you have the patience and desire to observe – no limb tadpole TUBE TOWNS  are available in  your COLOR CHOICE!


  1. TUBE TOWN  2 gallon big habitat with Domes !
  2. Stage One Tadpole Food
  3. No limb Growafrog tadpole ( good to grow!)
  4. Habitat Soil
  5. Stage Two Food (LARGE)


What you will need –

  1. Water.  We highly recommend bottled spring, lake water, stream water, rainwater . NO tap water!  Please visit our FAQ for details
  2. Your powers of observation!  Have fun and LEARN, too!   Growafrog see-thru tadpoles are the choice of Educators everywhere!!
  3. The willingness to welcome a beloved amphibian into your home!   Your Growafrog amphibian is friendly, smart, caring and FUN!

By the way,  tadpoles with ABSOLUTELY NO LIMBS are also available.   Absolutely NO LIMB tadpoles are smaller and therefore require an minimum 9 additional weeks to morph.  In our opinion, the relatively small changes observed in the emergence of small limb buds are ‘not worth the wait’  however you may feel differently!

If you want ABSOLUTELY NO LIMB tadpole(s) please write ABSOLUTELY NO LIMB TUBE TOWN tadpole in the ORDER NOTES box which appears at checkout after you enter your shipping information.  Please also be aware that ABSOLUTELY NO LIMB TADPOLES are super sensitive to changes in water quality.

Having said all that – they are AMAZING !!! PROUDLY offers stage specific tadpoles to met the needs of life cycle curriculum study!

No Limb Tube Town Color

Gilly Green, Dew Blue, Ribbit Red, Splash Black, Lillypad Pink, Pop'n Purple, Leap'n Lemon, Whitehouse, Hop'on Orange, Pittsburgh, Black'n White, Gainesville

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