Stage Two deskHOP Castle!
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Includes pump, filter, Stage Two food, Habitat Soil, Dome and (optional) free froglet!
Stage Two deskHOP Castle!

Castle Habitat for FROGS !

You pick it!!

ANY color!!

You will become FAST friends with your Growafrog.

Growafrogs are NOT a fish (no disrespect to fish) .

Your Grow-a-frog is SMART !

Your frog ‘looks more like you than a fish’ as it has arms and legs and surfaces for air – kind of like you do when you go swimming.

Is it possible to become friends with a frog?

SURE IT IS !!!!!!!!

It’s ‘time’ to appreciate non-human  ‘life forms’ and to explore all that Nature has to offer!

Weight 72 oz
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 9 in
Click on Color

Gilly Green, Dew Blue, Ribbit Red, LillyPad Pink, Splash Black, Pop'n Purple, MyPrince Gold'n Silver, Hop'on Orange, Leap'in Lemon, WhiteHouse, Black/n White, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Gainesville, Natural Sand, turquoise

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stage two deskhop castleStage Two deskHOP CASTLE w/filter
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