why dissect a living frog
Why Dissect? 2

Why dissect and kill a living frog?

Sadly, we have no clue.

Amphibians are magnificent beings which (as all animals) are marvels of nature.

The Study of Biology is Important!

The Study of Anatomy is Important!

Fortunately, Nature has provided a ‘window to life’ via Pipidae tadpoles.

Pipidae tadpoles allow students to ‘dissect with their eyes’ and NOT kill a living organism ‘for ‘education.’

We PROUDLY OFFER Growafrog tadpoles so that a student may observe nature WITHOUT the need to Dissect (a.k.a. kill) a living frog ‘in the name of’ study.’

Now, in certain instances there truly is no substitution for dissection to study anatomy in its entirety. We understand and acknowledge the ‘need’ for dissection in academics.

Having said that there is a limited scholarly ‘necessity’ for dissection.


POND-er Biology by allowing native diminishing amphibians to remain in the POND.

LIMITED scholarly ‘need.’ For everyone else including K-12 students.

WHY… and we do mean WHY ???

Dissect a frog when see thru organisms offer a far better lesson in Biology

Did you know?

The ‘common’ leopard frog which was dissected by the millions in high schools everywhere is now (in many places) an ENDANGERED species!!!

Everything changes eventually. Attitudes about dissection are far overdue for change! Let’s allow all diminishing native amphibian populations to remain in the pond and ‘undisturbed.’

Why dissect when you can STUDY LIFE?

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