Tadpole Tube Town  w/2 tadpoles!

Tadpole Tube Town !  Grow your tad in a Tube-Town® !


We have said it before – however it bears repeating.  Your Growafrog® tadpoles are


That’s right !  

NO need to DISSECT ( yuck ! ) a live frog when you can easily have a far better learning experience by studying see thru living Growafrog tadpoles !

Now, the tube in Tube-Town is not only ‘way cool’ – it also has the very useful function of allowing you to see your tadpole ‘about as close as realistically possible.’  Your tadpole is , of course, swimming in water in the tube YET you can see your tadpole 360 from less than an inch away !  It’s ( aruably better ) than being IN the water WITH your tadpole !

Learning can also be  FUN ! ( we try ).


Tadpole Tube Town includes:

  • Growafrog see thru tadpoles
  • Tube Town Habitat in your color choice – includes Habitat Domes on top
  • Nutri Sand
  • Stage One Tadpole food and measuring spoon
  • Stage Two Food ( small )
Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 6.0 × 18.0 × 9.0 in
Click on Color

My Prince Gold 'n Silver, Gilly Green, Dew Blue, Ribbit Red, LillyPad Pink, Splash Black, Pop'n Purple, MyPrince Gold'n Silver, Hop'on Orange, Leap'in Lemon, WhiteHouse, Black/n White, Pittsburgh, Cleveland, Gainesville, Natural Sand, turquoise

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Tadpole Tube TownTadpole Tube Town – includes 2 tads!
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