Water Crystals
Clean Water = Healthy Frog!
Measuring spoon ‘looks just like your Growafrog!’
A Simple Fact of Aquatic Life.
Clean Water is VITAL to the health of your frog.

Large Size Water Crystals purify ordinary tap water!

We offer Large Size Water Crystals very inexpensively!

VERY cost effective!

We want you to change your frog’s water effortlessly and frequently!

GREAT water quality is the ‘key’ to your Growafrog’s health and longevity.


It is NOT complicated.

Your frogs habitat is not only its home, it is also also its ‘bathroom.’

In a natural eco-system, wastes are easily broken down by the nitrogen cycle.

In your home, simply change the water!

Water Crystals INSTANTLY purify TAP water so that you may easily CHANGE YOUR FROG’S WATER and keep your frog HEALTHY!

By the way, if you happen to have access to well, spring, stream or lake water simply use that water without adding anything at all. 

These water sources are naturally pure!

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