deskHOP Castle w/ 2 tadpoles!
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2 Tadpole Castle on your deskHOP!


You are in for a treat!

Get up close and ‘personal’ with Developmental Biology!

DeskHop Habitats fit – well – on your desk!!

NOT a ‘fish tank’ per se.

Make friends with your tadpoles and frogs ‘up close.’

Time to re-think relationships between humans and frogs! 

Once you realize that your frog is your friend and not just an ‘ornament’ in a watery aquarium, you will THRILL to be as close to your frog as possible!

Your deskHOP habitat ‘allows’ you to observe metamorphosis up close and personal.’

After the morph is complete will become VERY ‘fast friends’ with you beloved Growafrog amphibians!

‘Most people’ cannot believe you and your frog can become friends!

‘Most people’ are WRONG!

Your frog will LOVE you as they are VERY social beings and ENJOY your company!!!

Even if your frogs do not grow up to be little Princes’ or  Princess’  – you can still give them the Royal treatment.

They deserve it!


Kit includes:
  • High quality deskHOP Habitat
  • SkyDome Cover
  • Habitat Soil
  • 2 SEE THRU tadpoles !
  • Stage One tadpole Food
  • Stage Two Frog Food (small)
  • Serving Spoon
Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 3 × 4 × 5 in
Click on Color

Gilly Green, Dew Blue, Ribbit Red, LillyPad Pink, Splash Black, Pop'n Purple, Hop'on Orange, Leap'in Lemon, WhiteHouse, Black/n White, Pittsburgh, Gainesville

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deskhop castle two tadsdeskHOP Castle w/ 2 tads
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