Arrival Guarantee

We Guarantee your tadpole and/or frog to arrive happy and healthy.

Please look for the tracking email so that you may anticipate arrival.

In the unlikely event that a mishap occurs you are entitled to a free replacement.

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Metamorphosis Guarantee

We Guarantee EVERY Grow-a-frog® tadpole to morph into a healthy baby frog.

You are entitled to a tadpole or froglet within the timeframe of metamorphosis if your tadpole does not complete the morph for ANY reason.

There is no charge for a tadpole or frog and shipping is just 8.95

Growafrog Guarantees 6

Lifetime Guarantee

In the unlikely event that your frog experiences an unfortunate mishap we would understand your disappointment.

To ensure your total satisfaction we offer a free frog at ANY point in time.

There is no charge for a frog and shipping is just 8.95.

Growafrog Guarantees 7

B.d. Negative Guarantee

We Guarantee your Grow-a-frog to be a captive bred amphibian monitored for the dreaded Chytrid fungus.

Growafrogs are guaranteed negative for fungus  Batrachochytrium dendrobatidis and Chytrid-free.

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