Clap Hands Magic Powder – its like catnip for frogs!
Teach your frog how to do the ‘clap hands’ Trick!

clap hands magic powder

Train your frog to Clap Hands !

clap hands magic powder

Your frog is NOT a fish!

Yes… it lives its whole life in the water  – and the similarity mostly ends with that fact.

Your Growafrog is MUCH more like YOU !

Growafrogs have arms and hands – just like YOU!

Your Growafrog can ‘clap’ its hands together.  BRAVO!!!

Simply sprinkle a little of the ALL NATURAL Clap Hands Magic Powder in the water and WATCH YOUR FROG CLAP HANDS!!!

Can a fish do that?


Frog-et about that ever happening!

Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 12 × 3 × 4 in

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clap hands magic powderClap Hands Magic Powder – teach your frog tricks!
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