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Lowest Price see thru tadpole Kit!
Growafrog Kit amazing see thru tadpole morphs into a beautiful  baby Frog!
Experience an incredible Wonder of Nature in your own home!


Remarkable Grow a frog Kit with tadpole includes see-thru tadpole which permits study of internal organs and organ systems!

Transparent ‘glass skin’ allows direct observation of LIVING BIOLOGY including a LIVE HEARTBEAT without dissection!

Unbelievable, yet true!

The Miracle of Metamorphosis is an incredible educational experience!

For the past four plus decades Growafrog PROUDLY has allowed Educators to meet core curriculum and  S.T.E.M. requirements!  

Grow a frog Kit includes:

  • LIVE Grow a frog Kit with see thru tadpole 
  • Stage One Tadpole Food
  • Fun & Fact Booklet pdf
  • Serving Spoon
  • Clearvue Growafrog Habitat with frame (frame color may vary from pictured)
  • Nutri Sand
  • Our 4 way Guarantees!

PLEASE NOTE: You may request ANY delivery option you wish !  The very last ‘dialog’ box in the online ordering process is ‘ORDER NOTES.’ 

You may request delivery with a live Growafrog tadpole OR you may request delivery with a POSTCARD which may redeemed for a tadpole ‘at any time you choose.’ 

If you do not specify a delivery method (not a problem) our ‘default’ delivery option is  to include your purchased live tadpole with your kit, weather permitting.

If the temperatures in your area are below 32 degrees or above 88 degrees for three consecutive days from our ship date we reserve the right to sent POSTCARDS NOT tadpoles.  We Guarantee LIVE delivery.  Growafrog tadpoles like ALL living beings are temperature sensitive.  If we cannot guarantee delivery, will send ONLY postcards NOT living tadpoles.!!!!


Metamorphosis is sometimes referred to as ‘re-modeling.’  ‘Everyone’ knows what ‘remodeling’ refers to!   No contractor’s license required for tadpole remodeling!

The shape and ecology of your Growafrog frog retain nearly none of hallmark features of your tadpole!

The total and complete re-modeling takes place in just 21 days.

Mercifully you may observe metamorphosis in your Growafrog kit with the help your smartphone CAMERA!

Just take a video of your tadpole and ‘slow it down’ for frame by frame detailed observation!

Amphibian metamorphosis is under the control of the thyroid hormone thyroxine.  The ‘key dietary ingredient’ iodine is necessary for the synthesis of thyroxine and for metamorphosis.

If somehow thyroxine is ‘unavailable’ through dietary deficiency of iodine your tadpole will NOT  undergo metamorphosis and will NOT morph into a frog!

No iodine?  Your tadpole will remain a tadpole ‘forever.’

By the way, if you are interested in the scientific method and how investigators ‘know this’ we suggest you do a search for  ‘surgical, chemical or radiation’ removal  of thyroid glands in frogs.

No thyroid gland?  No metamorphosis.  Biology lessons learned from a tadpole!

The transformation is most accelerated after front arms emerge from beneath your tadpole’s see-thru skin.

Your Growafrog STOPS feeding after the front arms emerge.

All of these extraordinary changes are ‘powered’ by the re-absorption of your tadpole’s tail  –

which is the sole source of food for the (approximately 11 days) it takes to magically change from tadpole to frog!

START feeding Stage Two Food when the tail is just a ‘stub’ and your tadpole has completed metamorphosis into a frog.

Continue to use spring water for about two weeks as newly morphed froglets are ‘super sensitive’ to water quality.

After that amount of time  you may certainly use tap water treated with Water Crystals – which is FAR less expensive than Spring Water and 100% safe.


Key Metamorphosis Changes:


  • Eyes move closer together
  • Whiskers disappear
  • Wide broad mouth ‘shrinks’
  • Optic nerve greatly contracts
  • Tail (tadpole fin) disappears!
  • Arms and legs GROW!
  • Highly coiled intestine shrinks by 75 percent in 8 days!
  • Longitudinal tail muscles vastly contract.  Tadpole notochord ‘disappears.’
  • Diet COMPLETELY changes!
  • Tadpole gills ‘disappear’ after metamorphosis.
  • Locomotion ‘switches’ from undulating tail movement to ‘swimming’ via arms and mostly via webbing on feet.

For the past four plus decades Grow-a-frog PROUDLY has been the providing captive bred see thru tadpoles for classroom observation.


Every child should be allowed to study tadpole metamorphosis!

The observation of tadpole metamorphosis is K-12 core curriculum and a ‘rite of passage of childhood.’


Your remarkable Growafrog Kit tadpole is unique and eats ONLY dissolved food.

Your tadpole is a ‘filter feeder’ and is ALWAYS eating!  Every time your Growafrog tadpole opens it’s mouth it is eating and breathing at the same time.

The MIRACLE of metamorphosis is easily observed by studying  Grow-a-frog captive bred B.d.  negative  tadpoles!   Grow a frog see-thru tadpoles offer a ‘living window to nature.’

Growafrog Kits provide a positive Natural History lesson in classroom

Thank you for allowing native declining amphibian populations to remain where they NEED to be – in the pond and undisturbed!

Your Students will THRILL to the observation of metamorphosis!


We have been told that ‘Growafrogs bring light to children’s eyes who are otherwise uninterested in learning.

After the metamorphosis lesson plan is over (sometimes YEARS after the lesson plan is over)

and students return to the classroom where they attended grade school – they are incredulous to find the frog they raised in  first grade

is STILL alive after all those years!

Growafrogs are amphibian friends!  Why not ‘explore’ life forms?

EVERY child should have the opportunity to observe a tadpole change into a frog!

We did!

Growafrog Kits are a ‘favorite’ of students AND teachers!

Metamorphosis is simply a Wonder of Nature!

Enjoy a positive Natural History Lesson in classroom with every Growafrog Kit!

WHY dissect ( and kill ) a living creature when you can STUDY LIFE?

Three Rivers Amphibian Grow-a-frog Kit established 1979!

THANK YOU for teaching the metamorphosis unit!

Weight 15 oz
Dimensions 7 × 8 × 8 in

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