Large Stage Two Food
100 % Nutritionally Complete!

Growafrog Stage Two Food is food for ALL Growafrogs!  It is 100% Nutritionally Complete and the same exact food we feed to ALL of our adult breeder frogs!

Your froggies LOVE Stage Two Food Nuggets!

A Large Size Stage Two Food vial is ‘plenty enough’ for newly morphed Growafrogs.

Your frog will INSTANTLY go ‘crazy’ over the delicious smell and taste of Growafrog Stage Two Food!

Don’t YOU wish that YOU could have a food soo tasty and nutritious?  We do!

  • Delicious and Nutritious !
  • Low cost
  • Serving Spoon included FREE.
Weight .6 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 4 in

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Large Stage Two FoodLARGE Stage Two Food
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