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Morphs in 21 days!
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Tadpole + Habitat + Food 
Morphs in just 21 days!
Every KID should be able to watch a tadpole change into a frog!
  • We PROUDLY provide Growafrog tadpoles to satisfy K-12 core curriculum requirements of metamorphosis study!
  • Growafrogs are SIMPLY the BEST!  Your STUDENTS will LEARN from this positive Natural History Lesson in Classroom WITHOUT removing a diminishing native tadpole from the pond!  Your tadpole will MOPRH successfully into a beautiful healthy baby frog!!
Growafrog  TADventure Kit!
Kit includes:
  • Extraordinary Growafrog see thru tadpole!
  • Habitat with Frame in YOUR color choice!
  • Clear Round Habitat Dome
  • Stage One Tadpole Food (with measured serving spoon)
  • Nutri Sand
  • Fun ‘n Fact Booklet.pdf
  • Stage Two Food Nuggets (small)
  • Top frame color choice!
  • Choose from:   Gilly Green Ribbit Red Dew Blue, Pop’n Purple, Splash Black, WhiteHouse  and Lillypad Pink!
  • Guaranteed to Grow AND to satisfy K-12 Core Curriculum!!

PLEASE NOTE: You may request ANY delivery option you wish !  The very last ‘dialog’ box in the online ordering process is ‘ORDER NOTES.’ 

You may request delivery with a live Growafrog tadpole OR you may request delivery with a POSTCARD which may redeemed for a tadpole ‘at any time you choose.’ 

If you do not specify a delivery method (not a problem) our ‘default’ delivery option is  to include your purchased live tadpole with your kit, weather permitting.

If the temperatures in your area are below 32 degrees or above 88 degrees for three consecutive days from our ship date we reserve the right to sent POSTCARDS NOT tadpoles.  We Guarantee LIVE delivery.  Growafrog tadpoles like ALL living beings are temperature sensitive.  If we cannot guarantee delivery, will send ONLY postcards NOT living tadpoles.!!!!



Are you ready to watch the most miraculous transformation on planet earth?

Sure you are!  Welcome to Grow a Frog!!!

Study of tadpole to frog metamorphosis is CORE CURRICULUM.

There is no better way to observe this gift of nature than by welcoming a wiggling tadpole (pollywog)  into your classroom!

All tadpoles are extraordinary!

Growafrog tadpoles are ALSO see thru so you may (WOW) observe a live heart beating!

Normally ‘internal’ structures previously only seen via (ugh!) dissection are CLEARLY visible right in front of your eyes!

Don’t frog-et to take notes!

Observe brains and veins….   muscles, nerves… and a wiggling tail that swerves!

Pond-er your tadpole’s circulatory system with your smart phone! 

Slow-mo tad pics and share on Instagram!   

You can literally watch your tad’s heart PUMP blood which flows out of the heart and into the aorta!  No medical degree in Cardiology necessary (Kudo’s if you happen to have one!).


EASY Tadventure Kit Habitat SETUP


  • Pour the Nutri – sand into the Tadventure Habitat.
  • Fill the Tadventure Kit Habitat with bottled Spring Water – Do not use bottled purified water or bottled distilled water.  Do NOT use TAP water!  Most grocery or even convenience stores stock Spring Water gallon bottles.  You may also use pond water, stream water, rainwater, melted snow, well water and certainly spring water from a true spring (if you are one of the few lucky ones!)
  • Transfer your tadpole from the breathable shipping membrane bag into its new home.  Just open the bag and pour it in the tadpole – it’s that simple!
  • Feed one level spoon of Stage One Food.
  • Place the Eco-Dome on top of your Habitat
  • VERY IMPORTANT!!  Your Growafrog tadpole is an extremely healthy organism.  Your Growafrog tadpole is a captive-bred amphibian sent to you in the pinnacle of health.  Having said that, like ANY living organism your Growafrog is temperature dependent and us totally dependent upon the temperature of its environment.
  • Keep your tadpole’s habitat AWAY from windows and light!  Light in and of itself is NOT harmful to your tadpole as light promotes the growth of algae and algae is highly beneficial.  If it is wintertime light likely is not a concern at all.  However, in summer when your AC is struggling to keep you cool – direct sunlight could cause the temperature in your TADventure Kit gets over 99 degrees – which is lethal.
  • Stop feeding Stage One Food after the front arms are ‘out from beneath the skin’ and moving around on their own.  If they look like arms, then stop feeding.  If they are not ‘out’ and beneath the skin, then continue to feed.
  • Change 1/3 of the water in your tadpole’s Tadventure Kit Habitat per week.  Just Pour out 1/3 of the old water and pour in an equal amount of spring water.
  • By the way, if you have house plants -the old water from your Tadventure Kit habitat is an EXCELLENT plant fertilizer!!!   Just ‘pour’ that old water into your indoor ( or outdoor) plants to help plants THRIVE!!
  • Feed Stage TWO Food when your tadpole’s tail is just 1/8 inch long.  Feed one nugget in the morning and one nugget in the evening to start.
  • After about three to four weeks or whenever your frog ‘fattens up’ you may double the amount of Stage Two Food given per serving.  It won’t be long before you will need the Buy 2 – Get One Free Stage Two Special (serving spoon included!) so that you may begin to think of food quantities in terms of ‘spoonful’s’ not nuggets.
Weight 16 oz
Dimensions 8 × 8 × 8 in
Click on Color

Gilly Green, Dew Blue, Ribbit Red, LillyPad Pink, Splash Black, Pop'n Purple, Hop'on Orange, WhiteHouse

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