Amphibian Appreciation

Please consider donating to help Amphibian Conservation efforts.

Your Growafrog is SMART!


Your frog is SMART!  After metamorphosis ‘the lesson is not over’ as you can LEARN all about amphibian behavior by studying frog ecology and ethology.

Your frog could be SMARTER than your dog or cat!

Frogs are magnificent ‘gifts’ to Planet Earth yet for some reason unknown to us they have been labeled as ‘disposable’ and relegated to the biological ‘wasteland’ ready to dissect.

NOooooo !!!!!!

The study of anatomy is highly valued however I.O.H.O. the study of BIOLOGY is the Study of LIFE!  Frogs are NOT ‘lower vertebrates.’  Once you ‘get to know them’ you will appreciate your frog like you would appreciate any other ‘non- human’ friend such as any pet dog or cat!

There are approximately 6,000 kinds of amphibians which include frogs (and toads), salamanders, and caecilians.

Smaller Pipidae tadpoles and frogs such as your Growafrog are highly suited to classroom study however in no way, shape or form is it possible to study most amphibians in your home. Amphibians vary diversely in temperature, dietary, and spatial requirements in addition to highly unique requirements of (typically) ephemeral (temporary, seasonal, watery) larval (tadpole) habitats!

Amphibian Conservation Efforts are GREATLY Appreciated!

If you have the urge to ‘explore’ or to learn from herpetologists who explore – we highly suggest you check out the work by the Society for Study of Amphibians and Reptiles (S.S.A.R.). In appreciation of their remarkable century plus of academic work in the field of herpetology we suggest that you consider a donation so that they may continue sorely needed conservation measures to protect these remarkable yet increasingly vulnerable gifts of nature!

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