Stage One Tadpole Food
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Specially formulated for filter feeding Growafrog tadpoles!
Your tadpole’s Feeding Mechanism

Every single time your tadpole opens its mouth it ‘sucks in’ a BIG  gulp of water!

However, there is not ‘just water ‘in your tadpole’s habitat… there is also dissolved food!

Stage One tadpole Food is made of two parts – one of which does not dissolve.  This ‘special formulation’ ensures that your tadpole always has food to eat when it opens its mouth.

One part of Stage One Food is simply dissolved food which provides ‘instant nutrition’ for your tadpole.  The second part (which sinks to the bottom) is a growth media for microscopic organisms.  Your tadpole FILTERS food out of the water and ingests it into its digestive tract!

So, your tadpole is ALWAYS eating.  Every single time it opens its mouth -it eats!


Weight 2 oz
Dimensions 2 × 3 × 4 in

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Tadpole FoodStage One Tadpole Food – Specially Formulated
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