Your Growafrogs always live in the water and never need land at all.

However, there are a few reasons why we highly recommend a cover on your Growafrog's habitat.

Growafrogs are 'semi nocturnal' and prefer shade to bright lights. Shade Domes will make your Growafrogs feel 'at home' by providing 'comforting shade' all the time.

Also, older Growafrogs respond to some weather changes! They become 'active' and 'jump' during low pressure atmospheric events such as thunderstorms. When they 'jump' they have no clue at all that there may be no water on the other side of that jump. We highly recommend that you either use a 'high' cover such as Shade Domes or keep the water level approximately 4-5" below the surface of the habitat ( they can't jump that high ).

Shade domes fit any 10 gallon aquarium. They're designed to work seamlessly with 'Growafrog safe' filters such as our Growafrog filter and most any filter which produces low oygen and gentle water flow such as foam filters or 'old fashioned' carbon and floss filters !

Turn any ordinary 10 gallon aquarium into a shady and inexpensive home for your Growafrogs ! Just use Shade-domes, Habitat Soil and perhaps a filter !

Shade Domes (set of two ) covers any common 10 gallon aquarium)............................just $9.95 + s&h
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