The wonderful TADventure experience.

Over the years, our customers have asked us for an "all in one" kit.... a Grow-a-Frog Kit for tadpoles and froglets.... and to make it affordable.

TADventure Kits include Domes Habitat, Guaranteed To Morph see trhu Growafrog tadpole, Stage One T adpole food, Fun & Fact Booklet, and Small Stage Two Food.

Of course, each Growafrog tadpole comes complete with a 4 way guarantee !

Feel'in Froggy !

Feel'in Froggy Colors Tadventure Kit

Gilly Green Top, Dew Blue Habitat Soil, Leap'in Lemon Bottom Frame


reg $ 31.95 + s&h.... now just 30.95 FREE SHIPPING

A Wonder of Nature..every kid should see this !


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