Lesson Plan
The Growafrog Life Cycle Kit is our best Kit for education and science fair projects. It includes a printed version of our wonderful K12 lesson plan written by Cindy Gay.

The .pdf version of the Growafrog Lesson Plan is available for you to view or print at any time at no charge at all.

Amphibian Decline Lesson Plan We want teachers K-12 to educate students about the immediate global concern of rapidly declining amphibian populations. We have expanded our facility and are currently breeding remarkable smaller Pipidae frogs threatened in their natural environment.

Our goal is simple. We want students and teachers to learn about amphibian declines 'hands - on' by actually caring for endangered species! We believe by distributing these frogs to as many classrooms as possible that together we quite literally can save a frog ( or two ) from extinction. .

Teachers - You are the reason Growafrog exists. Our company was founded now 35 years ago because Growafrog tadpoles are transparent and captive- bred. We came to the simple conclusion that it is a better biology lesson for students to observe a live tadpole's circulatory system, living heartbeat, and metamorphosis than to ( yikes ! ) dissect a live ( or dead ) frog.

Sadly, today there is yet another reason to use captive bred B.d. negative amphibians in classrooms - to help protect native frogs and other amphibians from disease. Your Growafrogs are routinely monitored, tested and guaranteed Chytrid-free and B.d. negative. It is a small but necessary step which will hopefully help to ameliorate amphibian declines worldwide. When you use captive-bred, Bd negative, transparent Pipidae tadpoles for metamorphosis, development and anatomy study in classroom you are also allowing native tadpoles and frogs to remain where they need to be - in the pond.

Growafrog.com is dedicated to students and teachers everywhere !

We want you to know that :

(a) We will always accept your purchase order by fax, or mail. We encourage your school to order by purchase order if it is convenient for your school resources.

(b) Your investment in either a Tadpole Single Tube Town or Tadpole Double Tube Town is good 'forever.' Keep the habitat and when you repeat the unit the following year we have a 'refill kit' which includes 2 Growafrog see-thru tadpoles and Stage One Tadpole Food for just 24.50 including shipping. You may order by purchase order, fax or phone, or mail.

(c) Your investment in our Life Cycle Kit is good 'forever.' We have a refill kit for all Life Cycle Kits for just 39.95 including shipping. It includes all of the tadpoles and frogs in all of the stages of development included in all Life Cycle Kits. Keep the habitats and order your refill Kit via school purchase order, fax, phone, or mail.

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