Life Cycle Kit
The Growafrog Life Cycle Kit is our premier metamorphosis kit for education and science fair projects. It includes tadpoles in all 4 stages of metamorphosis... PLUS a little baby froglet 'just past morph.'

This allows you to 'complete' your class project in one period - not weeks ! Of course, you also care for and grow these remarkable see thru tadpoles to observe their metamorphosis - and to distribute tadpoles and frogs to individual students or groups.

Life Cycle Kits include the following: 1 juvenile tadpole, a hind limb tadpole, a front limb tadpole, a 'metamorphic climax' ( 1 week to frog stage ) tadpole and a little baby frog PLUS tadpole food, a complete Stage Two Super Offer , 3 tadpole habitats.. PLUS Cindy Gay's wonderful Lesson Plan via download, Science Project Ideas AND a magnifying glass !!!  All for just $39.95 + 24.95 shipping.

This very complete kit is an outstanding value and is offered for educational purposes, only.

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