Single and Double Tube Town Habitats are now available in more vivid colors.... SplashBlack......LillyPadPink......Leap'in Lemon......Hop'on Orange......and...... Pop'n Purple !
way cool !

Tube Town ® is the way cool Growafrog Habitat you and your Growafrogs will love.

It fits nicely on your desktop... so it's not too big. Yet it has a BIG Habitat look and feel 'cause your frogs get to swim thru the tubes.'

TADPOLE Tube-Town is a wonderful way to enjoy GrowaFrogs... just grow you tadpoles into frogs in your Tube-Town. REALLY COOL.

'Dew Blue' Single Tube-Town

Single Tube Town in beautiful colors !

MORPH'IN Tube-Towns includes a hind limb tadpole, a front limb morph'in tad

TADPOLE Tube-Towns includes 2 tadpoles.

STAGE TWO Tube-Towns include a free froglet.

Beautiful, translucent framed, domed Tube-Towns are available in your choice of translucent.'Dew Blue', 'Gilly Green', and 'Ribbit Red' plus 5 more vivid colors !

Did you know ??

We have MORPH'IN Town Kits, TADPOLE Tube-Town Kits, and STAGE TWO Tube-Town Kits.

ALL Tube-Town Kits are also available single or double.

ALL Tube Town Kits include Tube Caps at no extra charge so you may keep tads and froglets in the same habitat. The Tubes are 'natural magnifiers.' You can get a REAL good look at the morph when the tads swim thru the tubes !

The easiest way to complete your Lesson Plan or Class Project 'on time.'

See the whole morph in one class period and grow your tadpoles, too !

This complete Kit includes Stage One Tadpole Food, Small size Stage Two Food, Habitat Soil, Deco-plant & Sea-shells and many stages of development. Your choice of color, too.

Morph'in Tube-Town... a great way to grow tads !

Morph'in Double Tube-Towns include a hind limb tad, a front limb tadpole

Front'nBack Single Tube-Towns include a hind limb tad a front limb tadpole.

Front'nBack Single Tube Town .............just $ 44.95 + s&h

Morph'in Double Tube Town ............just $49.95 + s&h

The ultimate way to grow Grow-a-Frogs. Grow-a-Frog tadpoles are

see-thru, just like the tubes.

The combination becomes a magical metamorphic experience !

This COMPLETE Kit includes Stage One tadpole food, Small Size Stage Two Food, Habitat soil, Deco-plant & Sea-shells and 2 tadpoles. Available in Single or Double tube towns. Your choice of color, too.

Tadpole Tube-Town... a great way to grow tads !

TADpole Tube-Towns include 2 'ready to morph' see-thru Grow-a-Frog tadpoles.

TADpole Single Tube Town .............just $ 34.95 + s&h

TADpole Double Tube Town ............just $39.95 + s&h

DOUBLE Tube-Town is twice as nice. Watch your Growafrog swim thru the tubes... then watch it swim back ! Your choice of color, too.

DOUBLE Tube-Town occupies the same footprint as our regular Tube-Town, yet gives your froglets much more room.

Available in your choice of MORPH'IN Double Tube town, TADPOLE Double Tube-Town, STAGE TWO Double Tube-Town, or STAGE TWO Double Tube-Town w/pump & filter kits.

Double Tube Town includes pump, filters, and COLOR CHOICE  -  'Dew Blue', 'Ribbit Red'. or 'Gilly Green'.

STAGE TWO Double Tube-Town..................... includes free froglet friend, too..... $ 29.95 + s&h

STAGE TWO Double Tube-Town w/ pump and filters includes free froglet friend..... $ 34.95 + s&h

Tube Towns are e x p a n d a b l e. You may literally make them as long as you wish.

This can be quite a lot of fun !

Ideal for a classroom setting where you have a long counter, or simply for anyone who has LOTS of room.

Morph'in Tube-Town... a great way to grow tads !

Available in 'modules' which include a tube and a 'middle' container. Little plastic 'wrench' included - very easy to put together !

Single Tube Town expansion kit.....just $9.95 + 7.05 s&h

Double Tube Town expansion kit............just $12.95 + 9.05 s&h

*Please note that filters and pumps are actually harmful to our tadpoles are 'filter feeders' and need the food suspended in the water to eat. Tadpole Tube-Town Kits do not include filters for this reason. Filters and pumps may be purchased separately either with the Tadpole Tube Town or at a later date for use with the FROGS after the morph. You do not need a filter at all to care for Growafrog FROGS, but some people like the convenience. It is a matter of personal preference. Our suggestion is that in a Single Tube Town it is probably not necessary... in a Double Tube Town you may or may not want filters depending upon whether or not you have an extra electrical outlet and don't mind the small amount of noise they produce.
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